LFL Going Outside the U.S

The LFL has canceled its 2012 season to change into a summer/spring sport unlike the normal fall football.   They also postponed the season to expand nationally.  the LFL plans on creating leagues in Europe, Canada and Australia, so are spending the year off preparing for the expansion.  LFL Canada (Fall 2012) and LFL Australia (Summer 2013) and Europe (2014) are scheduled into the next seasons, involving World Bowls.  The hiatus will also allow the league to concentrate on launching in Canada this fall and free U.S. players to participate in a promotional all-star tour.  The LFL is looking for the sport to be international and states the other countries are interested in the sport.  I am shocked by this.  We all know men in the U.S love sex appeal and women but is shocking to see other countries in interest to this.  The LFL said the sport is growing so fast and is popular that it needs to expand out to further countries, but most people have never heard of it.  For me, i don’t see how a league like this could grow such popularity to move to different countries to increase participation.  I feel as something happened or something is kept from the public on why they are branching out to other countries.  The main offices of the LHL will be moving to Australia.  If all is good in the United States then why move it out of the country if there is such a success here?  If the LHL was such a popular success I feel it would be in states all over the country, not just have eleven teams.


Advertising & Photos in the LFL

Look at this photo, this is one of many photos viewed as “highlights” of a game.  Most photos taken during the game are actually not just action shots, they are shots of women bent over or doing things like the above photo, catching attention of men, not showing the sport.  If they are trying to show the LFL as a real sport, and not just sexually they are covering the games in the wrong way.  Highlights are good plays, not a womens panties being pulled off in a tackle.  Some of the most buzzed about occurrences from this season weren’t big plays, but a bench-clearing brawl and post scoring celebrations.

Image from http://www.returntothepit.com/view.php?formid=78234

Photo from http://hotrod5.deviantart.com/art/EC-LFL-Ultraviolet-156101520

The LFL tries to portray womens football as a serious game sport, but there way of advertising says otherwise.  To gain publicity the LFL went to Playboy.  For publicity they’ve also done nude photo shoots.  If the point of the LFL is football, then why do women need to be nude or on Playboy?  This comes to show that the LFL solely rests and revolves on the sex appeal of women, not actually the sport of football.

This picture shows women how they are portrayed in video games.  Women in video games are portrayed as sex objects, and now they are doing this to women in real life, in sports games.  This shows how they ultimately use photos to show the women, not the sport they’re playing.


Have you ever thought why lingerie?  There is a debate if the LFL’s uniform is degrading women.  In my perspective, if women are trying to make a stand in sports this is not the way to go.  Yes, it will catch a mans attention, but that is not the point of playing.  The point is to enjoy the sport and a woman’s goal is to have men and womens sports equally.  The LFL portrays the sport as sexy and eye catching with their skimpy uniforms, simply to gain mens support and interest.  The girls can be portrayed as sex objects with their uniforms, simply wearing them to look good. The uniform includes a hockey helmet, padding just covering the shoulders, a bra, skimpy boy short underwear, and a garter.  Women playing football is empowering taking them to mens football level, but it is degrading having them wear skimpy clothing, catching attention only on the outfit, not the athleticism.  These women are gaining publicity solely on their outfits, not the sport of football. LFL displays a possible health risk due to the lack of proper equipment.  These women have visable bruises on the backs, shoulders, and arms. This can lead to dangerous injuries without the proper equipment. But if the women were wearing the gear males wear in football then the sport would be less attractive.  Why do women need to be portrayed as sex objects just to gain attention in a sport?