Have you ever thought why lingerie?  There is a debate if the LFL’s uniform is degrading women.  In my perspective, if women are trying to make a stand in sports this is not the way to go.  Yes, it will catch a mans attention, but that is not the point of playing.  The point is to enjoy the sport and a woman’s goal is to have men and womens sports equally.  The LFL portrays the sport as sexy and eye catching with their skimpy uniforms, simply to gain mens support and interest.  The girls can be portrayed as sex objects with their uniforms, simply wearing them to look good. The uniform includes a hockey helmet, padding just covering the shoulders, a bra, skimpy boy short underwear, and a garter.  Women playing football is empowering taking them to mens football level, but it is degrading having them wear skimpy clothing, catching attention only on the outfit, not the athleticism.  These women are gaining publicity solely on their outfits, not the sport of football. LFL displays a possible health risk due to the lack of proper equipment.  These women have visable bruises on the backs, shoulders, and arms. This can lead to dangerous injuries without the proper equipment. But if the women were wearing the gear males wear in football then the sport would be less attractive.  Why do women need to be portrayed as sex objects just to gain attention in a sport?


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