Advertising & Photos in the LFL

Look at this photo, this is one of many photos viewed as “highlights” of a game.  Most photos taken during the game are actually not just action shots, they are shots of women bent over or doing things like the above photo, catching attention of men, not showing the sport.  If they are trying to show the LFL as a real sport, and not just sexually they are covering the games in the wrong way.  Highlights are good plays, not a womens panties being pulled off in a tackle.  Some of the most buzzed about occurrences from this season weren’t big plays, but a bench-clearing brawl and post scoring celebrations.

Image from

Photo from

The LFL tries to portray womens football as a serious game sport, but there way of advertising says otherwise.  To gain publicity the LFL went to Playboy.  For publicity they’ve also done nude photo shoots.  If the point of the LFL is football, then why do women need to be nude or on Playboy?  This comes to show that the LFL solely rests and revolves on the sex appeal of women, not actually the sport of football.

This picture shows women how they are portrayed in video games.  Women in video games are portrayed as sex objects, and now they are doing this to women in real life, in sports games.  This shows how they ultimately use photos to show the women, not the sport they’re playing.


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